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The MBA isn’t a magic genie. And the Career Services team aren’t magicians…

If you want to advance your career and find the best next job for you, your destiny is in no one's hands but you own. In #YOMO you'll develop confidence in who you are, clarity about what you want, and the concrete tools to go after it. Because #YOMO! Let's make the most of it!



Introductory Module


  • Do this first: Introduce yourself FREE
  • Intro to #YOMO: How to Be Happy at Work FREE
  • How to Introduce Yourself to Recruiters FREE
  • Make the Most of Your Career (A Checklist) FREE

Session 1: What makes you awesome


  • Success Inventory Part 1 and 2
  • Success Inventory PDF
  • Success Inventory Word Template
  • Quick quiz!

Session 2: What makes you awesome (part 2)


  • Success Inventory Part 3
  • Have you said hi to the community yet?

Session 3: Your true values


  • Defining your values
  • Share some of the good stuff with us!

Session 4: What you want from your career


  • Your Career Wish List
  • Career Wish List PDF
  • Career Wish List Word Template
  • Session 4 Survey: What do you want?

Session 5: Developing Your Career Strategy


  • Your MBA Career Game Plan
  • Crash course in MBA jobs
  • Choosing medium term targets
  • Should I do Consulting? (or banking?)
  • Demonstrating Passion!! (AKA Do I need a Plan B?)
  • Let's dance!!!!

Session 6: Your Tools for Making Connections!!! (Tool 1: Your cover letter)


  • An Awesome Cover Letter
  • Cover Letter Example
  • Career Protocol Cover Letter Template

Tool 2: MBA Resume Protocol


  • MBA Resume Protocol
  • Career Protocol MBA Resume Template
  • MBA resume Protocol eBook
  • Want even more detail on perfecting your resume?

Tool 3: Your LinkedIn Profile


  • Intro to LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn profile Protocol for MBAs 2017

Tool 4: Company Research


  • How to research a company
  • Career Protocol Company Research Template
  • company Research resource List

Tool 5: Awesome Informational Interviews


  • Chapter 5: Awesome Informational Interviews
  • Career Protocol Guide to Informational Interviews
  • Career Protocol Informational Interview template

Tool 6: Sizing Yourself Up Against a Job


  • Sizing Yourself Up Against a Job
  • Financial Analyst - Job ID_ 511914 - Amazon
  • JOB Preparation Template Complete Example
  • JOB Preparation Template

Tool 7: Walk 'Em Through Your Resume


  • Walk 'em through your resume!
  • Walk Me Through Your Resume (And Be Awesome)

About Your Instructor

Angela Guido

Angela Guido

Founder and Chief Education Officer

Hi, I’m Angela!

I have spent decades helping people get what they want: as a teacher (of English as a Second Language and later of the GMAT with Manhattan Prep), as a strategic HR and training manager at KPMG, as a management consultant and recruiting manager at the Boston Consulting Group, and as an MBA admissions consultant with mbaMission.

I've helped thousands and thousands of people

  • Identify their PASSIONS
  • Pursue their GOALS
  • Improve their SELF-AWARENESS
  • And increase their CONFIDENCE

I have advised some of the world’s most important, high impact and high potential individuals, and I've had the honor to hear my clients call me an empathetic philosopher, masterful story coach, expert confidence builder, and even a “guardian angel.”

I got my own MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, so I've been in your shoes, and I can't wait to help you find your unique path to career success, impact, and joy.

Want to know more about me and my work? Check me out on LinkedIn, GMATClub, or Career Protocol.

What's included

17 video lessons

4 Guidebooks

2 Workbooks

10 pdf templates and frameworks


What a great course!! I'm sure this is going to ensure I target the right companies and teams, rather than simply following prestige!
Columbia MBA
Absolutely loving #yomo so far! I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity this summer to take a step back in order to reflect upon future career goals.
Harvard MBA
It's been quite helpful for me. I wish I had found it before applying for business school!


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